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Replacement keys Specialist

– Gain entry and decode the replacment key shape

– Cut your keys

– Programme the transponders to the car

– Programme the Remote Central locking

Replacement keys

Audi Replacement Keys

Worcester locksmith Lost or Replacement keys created and Lost keys replaced for all makes of cars  vans and most trucks in Worcester Gloucester and Birmingham areas.

I will work on all car keys

We specialise in: Replacement keys

I provide cut the blade and program all keys, transponders and remotes for the following:

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24 Hour locksmith services – Renault key cards available, Mobile auto locksmith for Renault megane key – Scenic Renault megane Key Card and Renault key card. 24 hour locksmith service with  24 hour emergency locksmith – Car auto lock services! Car key coding – transponder programming, Keys for cars and Keys for vans. – Transit van keys – 24h locksmith in Worcester. Vivaro keys, Vivaro van keys.

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Locksmith for house

– locksmith to unlock a door to unlock the car door –  car keys made or duplicate car keys make new car keys made. Need car keys near me we also program car keys to vehicle with car key duplication – car keys locked in car. The key maker, broken car key and snapped car keys  repaired with new car key. Car key price, auto keys, auto car keys – car key price, replacement keys and replacement car keys for Renault key Renault cards  also Renault key card including scenic key card – Renault megane key card one or a pair scenic key card, clio key card or Laguna Key card and Renault laguna key card common faults  insert card  and card not detected – Vehicle key replacement   Locksmith lost key – locksmith locked key or locked out of my car – car lock smith near me both Nissan El grand remote and Nissan elgrand key  El grand Key and El grand remote.

Locked out of your car

This is a lot more common then people realise, Do not worry.

At auto lock master we can get non destructive access to your car, We don’t bend door frames or use a slim jim to chop central locking/electric window wiring.

We gain access by picking the lock to the open position taking between 6 and 35 minutes. and we primarily use Lishi picks.

Keys locked in car
Key replacement

Lost car keys

  1. To create a key shape that will turn the Barrell of the lock we need to create the correct shape or “Bitings”

We do this by using a “Lishi” tool in the keyway….  to figure out the depth or spacing needed to open or lock the door.

2. We then using a key cutting machine in the van to make the key into the right shape needed.

this may take a few attempts due to the tolerances of the lock and the precision needed.

3. Once we can turn the key in the Ignition and the Barrell we will need to add a “Transponder” to the memory

of the car, A transponder sits inside of your key and sends a signal to the car when asked. it needs the right signal.

4. When the transponder is accepted by the ECU or computer brains of the car car it will allow the car to start.

5. To turn off the audio alarm and to unlock the doors we will have to program the remote

we do this using a frequency checker and A Laptop to synchronise the remote to what the car asks for.